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Dr. Jim Krider specializes in Family Medicine but he’s also a financial planner and licensed insurance agent for the states of California and Nevada.

With 35 years of medical practice under his belt, Dr. Jim can help you choose the best life insurance plan for your unique situation.  Who understands insurance better than your doctor?

There are no additional charges in obtaining insurance from Dr. Jim because insurance premiums are fixed by law.  Get exactly the coverage you need at he best California final expense insurance rate available.

If you have questions insurance Dr. Jim has the answers.  Fill out the form on the right to get your no obligation, absolutely free quote today.


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Insurance questions? Ask the doctor.

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Brochures And Presentations

Life Insurance

california final expense insuranceIf something terrible should happen to you is your family protected? A life insurance policy can help protect your spouse, child, family member, charity or business associate with tax-free money.

  • Replace your lost income
  • Fund your child’s education
  • Pay off household debt
  • Pay for your funeral and other estate expenses

Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare InsuranceAre you confused about your health insurance options? You know you need health insurance, but what are your choices? Dr. Jim is uniquely qualified to help you navigate affordable health insurance to protect you and your family.

Dr. Jim is an independent broker and can shop all companies in the insurance marketplace, including Covered CA.

If you have questions about which plan best suits your health needs, contact Dr. Jim today.

Women, Money & Power Study

california final expense insuranceToday, women are breaking through the final barrier to gender equality – financial empowerment. Yet at times, many industries still fail to recognize women as distinct and valuable customers for financial products and services. Leaf through any of your favorite women’s magazines. You’ll notice an almost complete lack of articles on money and investing, or ads for insurance and financial products.


Fixed Annuities

california fixed annuitiesOne of the primary benefits of using a fixed annuity  as part of your retirement strategy is creating a stream of payments. Protective Life fixed annuities offer the flexibility to create the retirement income you need.


Family Planning

california final expense insuranceOnce you put this family protection plan in place, you have taken a step toward taking care of your family’s life insurance needs.



california final expense insuranceTake a moment to consider the assets you have in your current portfolio.  If you are like most investors, your investments are all designed to help you accumulate wealth.  While accumulation is an important part of an investment strategy, if you plan to transfer your wealth to the next generation, you also need to consider ways to ensure they receive what you intend for them to.


California Final Expense Insurance

Designed to take care of the burden of final expenses, California Final Expense Insurance provides your family with the necessary funds to cover those last expenses incurred at your death.

*Less than $10/month rate is for a 50 year-old female seeking $2,000 in coverage. Products and features not available in all states. Like most insurance policies, Krider Insurance Solution’s policies contain charges, limitations, exclusions, termination provisions and terms for keeping them in force. Contact your financial representative for costs and complete details. The Krider Insurance Solutions Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance policy provides for a limited graded death benefit during the first two policy years. This policy is not a funeral or burial contract; benefits can be paid to any beneficiary. The policy does not guarantee that its proceeds will be sufficient to pay for any particular services or merchandise at the time of need nor that services or merchandise shall be provided by any particular provider. Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance (5E-13-13) is issued by Krider Insurance Solutions, Apple Valley, CA 92587 and in Nevada. All guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.