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Health Benefits of Coffee May Include Your Heart

Would you like to reduce your risk of neurological conditions and cardiovascular disease and maybe live a little longer?  A recent study in Circulation shows that the health benefits of coffee may include longer life for coffee drinkers.

In this study, 208,501 doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in the U.S. were surveyed repeatedly over the […]

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Gout Remedies: Fish for Gout?

As a fellow sufferer of gout, and a lover of sushi, this is a topic near and dear for me and I’m always on the lookout for gout remedies.  As a physician I have told my patients for years to avoid high purine foods such as some of my favorites: organ meats (liver), seafood (salmon […]

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How To Find a Family Doctor

The first thing we should address is what exactly a family doctor is.  By definition, a family doctor takes care of the whole family.  That means infants to children to adults to seniors.

A family doctor builds a relationship with his or her patients.  They get to know their patients and they help them make the […]

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Vitamin D Deficiency?

How did Vitamin D deficiency grow into epidemic proportions? We have all been taught that a little sunlight everyday allows the body to make its own vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with increased risks of rickets, osteoporosis, and fractures in adults. It has also been associated with increased risk of common cancers, autoimmune diseases, hypertension […]

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Sedentary Behavior – Sedentary Lifestyle Twice as Deadly as Obesity

Individuals who demonstrate sedentary behavior could add years to their lives by simply adding a brisk 20-minute walk to their daily routine, according to a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

UK researchers found that lack of exercise, or sedentary behavior, actually posed twice the risk of early death that obesity does—and doesn’t necessarily depend on being obese […]

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Sedentary Behavior Associated with Higher All-Cause Mortality Rates

The health complications caused by sedentary behavior are not canceled out by exercise, according to a recent study.  That means it’s going to take more than just a quick trip on the treadmill to counteract hours of sitting in front of a computer screen at work.

In order to better quantify this relationship, researchers evaluated data from studies that […]

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Can One Hour of Daily Walking Decrease Early Death Risk?

New research finds that swapping just 1 hour of sitting each day with an hour of walking can decrease the chance of early death by as much as 12% to 14%.

For the study, investigators evaluated more than 200,000 middle-aged adults, using statistical modeling of health data from study subjects who participated in the 45 and Up Study, which took […]

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