Our Mission

Formula Medical Group is committed to excellence in patient care. We strive to deliver comprehensive, high quality, cost-effective care with a focus on the quality of the Provider/Patient relationship and patient satisfaction.

Formula Medical Group is committed to sound, ethical business practices and to compliance with applicable rules and regulations governing Healthcare.

Family Practice & Medicine

Family Practice is a medical specialty that provides primary care to people of ALL ages from newborns to the elderly. If you ever require the services of another specialist we will coordinate your care.

Helpful Information

Normal Office Hours
Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Extended Hours
Monday – Thursday 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Getting In Touch During Office Hours
During any of the hours we are open, call (760) 242-1234. When we are not in the office, the telephones are answered by an answering service.

Urgent Need After Hours
If you are having an emergency please call 911. If it is not an emergency and can wait until the morning, we will be happy to see you the next day. Otherwise, you can be seen at any of the urgent care facilities contracted by your insurance.


At Formula Medical Group we record patient notes and create medical records electronically. We believe that EMR’s are an extremely useful way of keeping track of your medical history.

You may have never thought of how your medical records are created or where they are stored, but think how important these records are. They contain critical information about your health, the medications you have taken over the years and which treatments have been most successful for you.

Traditionally, as you are interviewed, the doctor or nurse practitioner takes notes using pen and paper. Often, additional notes are created using dictation. The dictation tapes are then transcribed by a typist and added to a folder which contains all of your medical records.

Alternatively, using a computer, your physician or nurse practitioner enters notes directly into your electronic record as he or she examines you. Test results, prescriptions, and other information can be added electronically and efficiently as needed. Think about what this means. Your medical record is always up to date and it is stored securely.


Later, as the system is implemented, you will be able to check your test results and review other information over the Internet, and add information that you feel is important.

We think that Electronic Medical Records represent a major improvement in the collection and storage of important medical information. At FMG we are working together for your good health.

To find out more about the Electronic Medical Records system used at FMG visit the website of SoapWare, the company that developed the system we currently use.


Prescriptions and refills are issued during regular office hours. Have your pharmacist call or fax us during these hours for refills. If you need a written prescription let us know in advance before coming to the office to pick it up.

NO refills for pain medications or tranquilizers will be authorized outside of normal business hours.

Learn more about the medications you are taking…

To learn more about any medications you may be prescribed, read the PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs at PDRhealth.com.

Specialty Services

FAA Medical Examiner

NHRA Medical Examiner

Laser Hair Removal

Medical Weight Reduction

Location and Directions

Conveniently located between Apple Valley and Victorville, just south of Highway 18.

From Victorville, head east on Highway 18, turn right on Apple Valley Rd.

Meet Our Team

FAA medical examiner
NHRA medical examiner
SCCA medical examiner
DOT physicals
Medical supervised weight reduction with lifestyle changes and Medifast
Physical medicine for soft tissue injuries
UC Davis : 1981

Ann Arbor Michigan : 1982
Long Beach VA Hospital : 1983

Year started practice

Dr. James Krider
Dr. James KriderDoctor
Dr. Krider is a family physician and a graduate of U.C. Davis. As a member of the High Desert medical community since 1991 he has been active in shaping the health care environment of Apple Valley. He served as Chair of Family Practice at Victor Valley Community Hospital before devoting his full time to serving his patients in the office environment.

Dr. Krider has many interests including flying, boating, scuba diving, drag racing, road racing, and of course golf. He won the SCCA regional championship for Formula Ford before retiring from road racing.