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Avocado A Day Could Reduce Cholesterol

An avocado a day could be the answer to your lipid profile.  On the other hand, I want to make it very clear that the secret is using the avocado IN PLACE OF saturated fats.  For example, instead of adding an avocado a day to your cheeseburger, you would REPLACE the cheese and just have […]

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Goodbye BMI

It all started with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission imposing a new rule utilizing BMI (Body Mass Index) as a classification guide to allow employers to raise insurance premiums for employees who don’t meet a specified BMI.

40,420 individuals were used to conduct a study to determine how accurate BMI is at gauging metabolic health. […]

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Pharmaceutical Scandal: Generic Drug Prices On The Rise

As if you didn’t already think the pharmaceutical industry was taking advantage of all of us, wait until you read this report.  According to an article published in Blood, pharmaceutical companies are using several strategies to keep affordable generic drugs off the market and inaccessible to patients, forcing everyone to buy they high-priced, brand-name versions.

One […]

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Flavonoids Health Benefits May Include Weight Loss

According to new studies, our understanding of flavonoids health benefits may be increasing and weight loss is in the news again.  Published by the BMJ, a new study shows that peppers, berries, pears, apples and more, can have a strong effect on reducing weight gain.

This study of 124,000 men and women in the US shows […]

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