Would you like to reduce your risk of neurological conditions and cardiovascular disease and maybe live a little longer?  A recent study in Circulation shows that the health benefits of coffee may include longer life for coffee drinkers.

In this study, 208,501 doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in the U.S. were surveyed repeatedly over the course of nearly 30 years.  During the time the study was conducted, 31,956 participants died and the data that was collected as a result, just might surprise you.

The study shows that during those 30 years, nonsmokers who drank three to five cups of coffee per day were 15% less likely to die of any cause, compared to nondrinkers.  The health benefits of coffee included lower rates of mortality from cardiovascular disease, neurological conditions, suicide and stroke.  The research found that both regular coffee and decaf had similar results.

Smokers and Nonsmokers Profited From the Health Benefits of Coffee

Lower mortality rates were realized for smokers, although not as good as nonsmokers.  When the researchers looked at nonsmokers only, 15% were less likely to die during the study period, when compared to their peers who didn’t drink coffee.  Even heavy coffee drinkers who consumed more than five cups per day had a 12% lower mortality risk then their nondrinking counterparts.

An apple a day, a glass of wine and now a few cups of coffee just might help you last a little bit longer.  One of the health benefits of coffee could stem from increased energy levels, which in turn help keep you active.

When you drink coffee, the caffeine goes into your bloodstream and makes its way to the brain.  Once there, that caffeine blocks a neurotransmitter called adenosine. From there, neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine increase and that leads to enhanced firing of neurons.  The result?  Improved brain functions like memory, mood, reaction times and general cognitive function.

Some other great benefits of coffee include healthy skin, lowering your risk of type II diabetes, making your reproductive system happy, and more.  Here’s a small list.


Live healthy America.