The first thing we should address is what exactly a family doctor is.  By definition, a family doctor takes care of the whole family.  That means infants to children to adults to seniors.

A family doctor builds a relationship with his or her patients.  They get to know their patients and they help them make the right health care decisions.

Let’s Take a Look at What a Family Doctor Does

When it comes to health care there are three different aspects of your health that need attention: physical, mental and emotional health.  Your family doctor should address these three areas for you and your entire family.

A family doctor is familiar with your health history (and that of your family).  They know what you’ve been through, what hurdles you’ve faced, and what will likely help you get through a sickness or difficult emotional time.

When asking how to find a family doctor you need to consider their limitations as well as their strengths.

A family doctor is trained in all areas of medicine.  They’ll be able to diagnose and treat a broad range of symptoms, but they’ll also know when to bring in a specialist that can deal with a problematic issue, or something that requires the knowledge and attention that only a specialist can offer.

Family Doctor Training & Education

As a general rule, family doctors receive a great amount of education and training.  They re-certify more than any other medical professional.

Your family doctor knows the most current treatments as well as the latest technologies.

Family doctors train for 3 years in a realworld scenario.  They treat patients in the office, at the hospital and at home.  Dr. Krider continues to educate himself so that he can apply the latest medical breakthroughs to all his patients.

Even if you don’t currently have any health issues, Dr. Krider is trained in the latest preventative medicine and can help you stay fit and healthy.

What To Look For

To see if Formula Medical is right for you, call our office.  The following questions will help you know how to find a family doctor that is right for you.  Find out:

  • If we accept your insurance…
  • What our office hours are…
  • What hospital we use…
  • How many doctors are in our practice…

If we meet your needs, schedule an appointment so you can meet Dr. Krider and talk with him face to face.  It’s important that you feel completely comfortable with your family doctor.  Dr. Krider will answer your questions and explain things in a thorough, easy to understand way.