Dr.Krider is a member of Heritage Medical Group, Vantage, Molina, and Inland
Faculty and accepts most insurance plans.




Cash price only. No insurance billing.
Minor illnesses and injuries.
We also offer chronic illness care and
accept most insurance plans.

Making healthcare
$75 affordable again

  • Waits usually 15min to 30min.
  • Same day appointments available.
  • Avoid long ER waits of up to five hours.
  • Save up to 45% compared to Urgent care.
  • Be seen by an MD, not a physician extender.
Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage

Dr. Krider is a licensed insurance agent in the states of California and Nevada. Why obtain insurance from somebody that offers just one plan? We represent several medicare advantage plans that operate in the High Desert, California and Nevada. With the unique insight of a medical physician we can best determine which plan is right for you.

We also offer Medicare Supplement policies. Call and explore your healthcare options before you commit to a new plan this year.

CA ins Lic# 0I65488

Life Insurance

Different stages of life require different insurance strategies

Whole life: Should be the backbone of your life insurance strategy. Start young, when it is inexpensive, and make sure you have whole-life to cover final expenses.

Term life: During different stages of your life you may need extra, temporary insurance. Buying a home, raising children, and debt reduction.There is a plan and strategy for every phase of life. As an insurance agent and physician, Dr. Krider is uniquely qualified to assist you in determining your insurance needs. Licensed in both California and Nevada.

CA ins Lic# 0I65488



Financial planning is important at all stages of life. Whether you are young and working and able to save a $100 per month, or ready to retire with a sizable 401K plan that you are now responsible for managing, you need to plan and prepare. Dr. Krider is a licensed investment advisor in the state of Nevada and owns Krider Wealth Management, a Nevada state registered financial corporation. Yes, I could put you into low yield bonds or money losing funds, but why? Let’s make you some money. You can be your own best investor. I offer several services towards that end. When you are young, the best way to save is “value averaging” in a great index ETF over time. I will show you how to do this. If you already have a nest egg to work with, I have a model portfolio that emphysizes “momentum stocks” as its backbone. This portfolio is updated weekly and new stocks are added monthly. If you are in your twilight years and can not take any change on losing money in the market, we can place you in a high yield annuity. Finally, for high net worth individuals, Dr. Krider can completely manage your account for you. Like life insurance, you should never wait to start your investment career.

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